Photo by Magnum Research
Photo by Magnum Research
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Magnum Research BFR 30/30 Win Revolver

Manufacturer: Magnum Research
Caliber: 30-30 Winchester
Capacity: 5
MSRP: $1,050.00
Model #: BFR30-30
Product Link:

This .30/30 Winchester revolver is brushed stainless steel construction with a 10-inch barrel. The barrel is stress-relieved and cut rifled. 

All BFR's (except for .45LC/410 and .44 Magnum) sold from the factory after 1-1-04 are drilled and tapped for our MRI custom silver scope mount which is included with the BFR revolver and will accomodate any Weaver style rings (see any long cylinder 7.5-inch part number for photo of mount).

Length: 17.50 in.  Height: 6.00 in. 
Width: 1.75 in.  Weight:  
Loaded Weight(~):   Line of Sight:  

Barrel Length: 10.00 in.  Barrel Rifling:  
Length of Twist: 10 in.  Barrel Type:  

Rear Sights: Adjustable  Front Sights: Fixed 

Action Type: Semi-Auto, Single-Action  Safety:  
Trigger Pull Weight: 3 lbs. 8.00 oz.  Trigger Travel:  

Finish & Materials
Finishes: Brushed Stainless  Frame Material: Stainless Steel 

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